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Company Profile

Company Profile

Our company was established in May 1987. At the time, 5 engineers raised a capital of NT$5,000,000, rented a factory with an area of 40 square meters in New Taipei City, Shu-lin District, Tai-pen Road, and formed the Pintek Electronic Limited Company. The company has evolved from the initial research and development of simulation oscilloscopes to the present level with a total staff of 35 people, a factory building area of 180 square meters, a capital of more than NT$30 millions, with an annual turnover of over NT$100 million, and a product range of over 30 types, selling over 50 countries throughout the whole world. Below is the evolution of our company over the years: 
October 1987 Received formal approval to establish the company, and to produce and trade oscilloscopes, with a capital of NT$5 million and 5 staffs.
March 1988 Completed the research and development of the 20 MHz Oscilloscope and prepared to mass production
May 1988 Completed the production line and officially producing the 20MHz Oscilloscope, the PS-200. This product has remained a good sale even today. A Capital of NT$ 5.0 millions and a total staff of 15 people.
July 1989 Completed the development of the 40MHz Oscilloscope
July 1990 Completed the development of the 60MHz Oscilloscope
July 1991 Completed the development of the 100MHz Oscilloscope and obtained orders from B+K of the oscilloscope product series
July 1992 Completed the development of the 20MHz DSO Oscilloscope
July 1993 Development on 60MHz Display Oscilloscope
1994 Capital increased to NT$15million, factory area of 100 square meters and a total staff of 25 people
May 1994 Developed the 40KV High Voltage Test Probe, and HVP-40 received the Germany TUV/GS Certificates
July 1994 Completed the development of the 30MHz and 60MHz DSO Oscilloscopes
August 1994 All oscilloscope products series passed the Taiwan Inchcape CE Test, and obtained the CE Certificate
September 1995 Completed the development of Differential Probe DP-25
November 1995 DP-25 received the Taiwan Inchcape ETL’s Certificate and obtained a patent of 10 years by the National Bureau of Standards
July 1996 Continued the development of High Voltage Probe product series of HVP-40M, HVP-40DM and so on
June 1996 All of company’s products such as oscilloscopes and high voltage probe, all received the Germany TUV/GS certificiate. Obtained B+K’s order for the High Voltage Probe product series
All Oscilloscopes received U.S. UL Certificiate in November 1997
1998 Capital raised up to NT$30millions. Apart from the final assembly and testing are operated within the factory, all other productions are outsourcing. A total staff of 35 people
July 1998 Completed the development of the High Voltage Probe HVP-15HF, the High Voltage Probe Calibration HVC-801 and the 10G ohm High Voltage Meter HVC-802
July 1999 Completed the development of 3MHz Function Generator, FG-30 and FG-32. And further obtained the TUV/GS Certificate in November 1999
September 2000 Completed the development of DC Power Supply PW-3032 / 3032R / 3033 / 3033R, and the 5MHz Function Generator, FG-52
July 2001 Further developed the Multi-Functional Oscilloscope CS-406 and the FS product series. Received orders from Agilent Technologies for our High Voltage Probe products.
2002 Received orders from B+K for Function Generator and DC Power Supply.
2003 Total sales of our oscilloscope products surmounted beyond 100,000 units,
became Taiwan’s largest manufacturing base
2004 Completed the development of 6500V Differential Probe series, DP-50, DP-100
2005 Completed the 4 digits high resolution DC Power Supply product series type of PW-4032, PW-4033, PW-5032 and PW-5033 and so on
2006 Launched the ultra high voltage Differential Probe of DP-14K and DP-20K.
Launched the high resolution and high input impedance desktop High Voltage
meter of HVC-803
2007 Completed the development of 4 types of High Voltage Amplifier at the 400V~800V rank, the HA-400, HA-405, HA-800 and HA-805
2008 Completed the development of High Voltage Probe with the world’s highest bandwidth, a total of 4 product types: the HVP-10R / HVP-18HF / HVP-28HF / HVP-39PRO.
HVP-39PRO even set the peak record for High Frequency and High Voltage Probe with an impedance of 900MΩ, a bandwidth of DC~220MHz and a measuring voltage of DC~40KV
June 2009 Completed the development of Function Generator (Digital Synthesis Type), FG-72/7MHz and FG-102/10MHZ
July 2009 Completed the development of the Differential Probe DP-150 PRO with the world’s largest measuring range, ranging from 10mV~10kV
August 2009 Completed the development of the miniature sized High Frequency High Voltage Probe HVP-08, with a measuring range of up to DC 8Kv and a bandwidth of 40MHz
September 2009 Completed the development of the largest bandwidth amongst our company products, bandwidth reaching up to 200MHz Differential Probe, DP-200PRO.
March 2010 Completed the development of the 400 Watt Analog DC Power Supply PW-3063R.
This unit is using the highest efficiency and light weight Toroidal Transformer
June 2010 Completed the development of High Voltage Amplifier HA-205, max output current is +/-450mA, the raising time is up to 2500V/uS. These are all Pintek’s most supreme specifications among our High Voltage Amplifier product series.
July 2010 Completed the development of ultra testing voltage value type DP-22K PRO. It has become the highest voltage 22KV of Differential Probe for the first time in the industry.
December 2010 Completed the development of PW-4063R. The voltage and current resolution is 10 times better than old model. The voltage/current selection knobs also used the 10 selectable variable power transformation matches, much more appropriate for the needs of high current used in the present-day electronic circuit experiments.
May 2011 Completed the development of Passive Test Probe CP-3601R. It has the highest bandwidth in the Taiwan industry, with a bandwidth reaching up to 600MHz, and an output impedance maintaining at the most practical range of 10M Ohm
2011 June Pintek has completed development for the 1st high frequency oscilloscope current probe, PA-622. Bandwidth is DC 300 KHz, sensitivity is 10mA
2011 July Pintek has completed development for a high frequency oscilloscope current, PA-655. Bandwidth is 500 KHz, sensitivity is 5mA.
August 2011 Pintek has completed development for a Programmable Electric Load, EL-820P. It is a built in USB interface.
September 2011 Pintek has completed development for a Programmable DC Power Supply, PW-8033P. It is a built in RS-232 remote control.
October 2011 Pintek has completed development for a high precision bench type LCR meter. It is a built in US interface.
March 2012 Pintek has completed development for high input impedance (10MΩ) bench type high voltage meter, HVC-804. It comes with 1:1 input or use a 1000:1 high voltage probe to connect with.
May 2012 Pintek has completed development for a high efficiency, multi-function current probe, PA-677. The bandwidth has increased to 1MHz, sensitivity to 2mA.
August 2012 Pintek has developed a new Differential Probe, DP-35. It is a 10 multiple calculation which is giving engineers correct calculation without any mistake on measurements.
Not only this, the sensitivity is able to reach 10mV. Maximum measurement is able to reach 1600Vp-p. This is a mature design concept.
September 2012 Pintek also complete the development for a high division, multi-function Current Probe, PA-699. The sensitivity is not only to reach 1mA and the bandwidth is also able to reach 1.5MHz. The raising time is to 0.23 uS. It is predictable that is a good design for the measurement of switching power design.

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Analog Oscilloscope, Digital Oscilloscope, High Voltage Amplifier, DC Power Supply, Function Generator, High Voltage Probe, High Voltage Meter, Differential Probe, Scope Probe, Test Leader, Bnc cable

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