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Company Profile

YUE-SHENG was established in 1989, a fine connector manufacturer, especially good at the design and development of Auto Insert-Molding specially.

YUE-SHENG has experience of more than 15 years on the plastic-mould industry and our automatic Auto Insert-Molding technology is higher than the level of the same trade or business. We believe that we can obtain the maximum profit for our customer by our rigorous quality control.


Technology progresses greatly and quality upgrade is the management idea of YUE-SHENG for a long time. From the vertical combine, R&D, test-manufacture to mass producing of the production, we always do our best to meet our customer’s requirement. High-quality production and service immediately is the original intention since YUE-SHENG was created.


We Insist that treat every case conscientiously and treasure every chance that the customer offers. We believe that only get hold of every chance and could create next future.


We trust that we are your best choice in your business.

We hope to become the partner with you for ever sincerely.


譽盛精密工業股份有限公司成立於1989年,是一個優良的連接器製造廠商,尤其專精於Auto Insert-Molding的設計及開發。






高品質的產品、即時的服務,是 譽盛精密工業創立以來未曾改變的初衷。我們




我們衷心希望與您成為永久信賴的伙伴,在這充滿競爭的科技洪流中 相互扶持


Main Products

(1) electrical connector and electronic connectors- OEM/ ODM 1394 connector,
    USB connectors, IEEE 1394 connector, PDA connector, SMT connectors, phone connector,
    DIN connector, mini DIN connector, pin connectors, fiber optic connector, computer connectors.
(2) others- socket, shell, light pipe, molding products.

Supplier Information

Yue Sheng Exact Industrial Co., Ltd

TEL : 886-2-26942256 FAX : 886-2-26947454
2f., No. 3, Alley 11, Lane 351, Fu-teh 1st Rd., Hsi-chih City, Taipei, Taiwan, R.o.c., 221
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