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Kunming Electronics Co., Ltd. - logo Kunming Electronics Co., Ltd. Pin Jack, AC Power Socket, DC Power Jack, 2.5mm Miniature Jack, 3.5mm Miniature Jack, 6.3mm Phone Ja... Taiwan
Townes Enterprise Co.,Ltd - logo Townes Enterprise Co.,Ltd Business Type Exporter Manufacturer  Export Percentage 70 percent to 74 percent  Pri... Taiwan
Kendu Technology Co., Ltd. - logo Kendu Technology Co., Ltd. CONNECTORSCrimp, Housing, WaferD-SUBPLUG & JACKEar Phone, DIN JACKFEMALE, PIN HEADERPCMCIA & C.F.Car... Taiwan
JKCR Electronics Co., Ltd. - logo JKCR Electronics Co., Ltd. DC JACK, PHONE JACK, DIN JACK, SPDIF JACK, RCA JACK, DC POWER JACK, Audio Jack, COMBO JACK, WATERPRO... Taiwan

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