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  • CYPT-1000-120-C

    Photo Timer Switch

Photo Timer Switch with Optical Sensor Function, 1000W Output

Specifications & Features:

  • Introduction

    • The photo timer sensor (PTS) can be installed in 1000W
    • Our product is engineered to meet the highest standards of functionality and design
    • Its simple structure enables user to operate easily
    • It is a functional and intelligent photo timer sensor
  • Characteristics
    • Ray of light control:
      • The bulb will light automatically when the surrounding luminance turns dark
      • After sensing the surrounding luminance, PTS will response automatically after 30 seconds to avoid any error response due to ambiguous light
    • Timer control:
      • When bulb is lighted, the timer will start to count time
      • Timer can be set up from 1 to 9 hours
      • When the inner timer run out the setting hours, the bulb will turn off automatically
      • During the timers working, if PTS sense the intensive luminance over 30 seconds, the bulb will turn off automatically
    • On/off switch
      • Press on directly to turn on and off to turn off the light
    • Restores automatically in 24 hours
      • The second day after the setting has completed, when PTS sense the luminance get dark, it will repeat the same function as the previous setting
    • Overload protection
      • When output of PTS occurs short-cut, the inner fuse will burn down automatically to avoid burning the electronical parts and cause fire
    • Cold and heat resistance
      • This product can be used at ambient temperature between -10 to 70 degrees celsius

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