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  • Digital interface - no need to convert digital data into analog and then digital again for processing, which will have a loss of data integrity.
  • Small - thin serial cable will replace large and more expensive interfaces.
  • Easy to use - no terminators, devices ID etc…
  • Hot pluggable for plug and play applications
  • Cheap - the high volum consumer market will achieve low-cost implementation.
  • Daisy chain connection


1. Consumer electronics devices (up to 100 Mbps)

  • Video game devices
  • Connect conventional PC peripherals (e.g. fixed disk drives, printer & scanner)
  • Home networks & PC peripheral component sharing.
  • Second generation DVD drives.
  • Third generation DTH (direct to home) satellite receivers.
  • Cable modem.
  • Digital audio tape (DAT) recorders.

2. Prosumer electronic components (up to 200 Mbps)

  • High-speed keyboard synethesizer, sound modules and samplers.
  • Digital camcorders and VCRs.
  • Fixed and motorized digital video conferencing cameras.

3. Professional and industrial market (up to 400Mbps)

  • Substitute for the 8-bit parallel bus of the IEEE 488 Standard Digital interface for Programmable Instrumentation.
  • Support transmission of 10-bit uncompressed digital video and several simultaneous channels of 16-bit, 48kHz stereo digital audio.
  • High definition (HD, 16:9) digital input TV set (221Mbps for 30 frames/sec, 640x480 pels & 24-bit color/pel)


Cable Plug Connector

The fully shielded connector will have six contacts. The contcat design creates a Hertzian stress (combination of cylindrical radius, normal force, base and surface material hardness) of 225,000 - 275,000 psi in the mating area. The connector plug termination can be made by crimp, insulation displacement (ICD), insulation piercing & soldering.


The cable consists of two twisted pairs (signal pair) & two power connectors. The signal pair carries the balanced differential data signal, while the power conductors carries the bus power (about 8~40 VDC).

The signal pair will have individual braid (60~65%) shield. The overall cable has a outer shield (90~95% braid copper wire over spiral wrap metallized polyester tape, with the metal to the outside)

Cable Assembly

The cable assembly consists of two identical plug connectors jointed by a cable (Maximum length is 4.5m). When a cable assembly plug is mated with a socket connector, there should be 1 mm (minimum) clearance between overmold on the assembly plug & the shield flange on the socket.

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