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Company Profile

SUXI Seimitsu Co., Ltd. was founded in the beginning of 1997 in the beginning of 1997 to tungsten steel processing in the main part of the transition in 2002 specializing in the production of tungsten steel blade and own brand STBM lift where the stripping machine blade terminal tool I-PEX tool textile blade medical Blade ..... the company can produce the system, in Taiwan by all the praise, but also by the industry and recognition, in terms of price is more competitive.... More

Main Products

I-PEX tool, textile blade, medical blade, tungsten steel blade, ceramic knife, cutting knife carving knife, round knife, knife cutter, cutting machine, V-type tool, terminal tool... More

Product Category

Other Industry > Thermocouple

Other Industry > Electronics Production Machinery

Supplier Information

SUXI Seimitsu Co.,LTD

TEL : 03-420-4030 FAX : 03-420-4087
No. 35, Ln. 118, Shuanglian Sec. 2, Minzu Rd., Pingzhen Dist., Taoyuan City 324, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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